At NDE-Network, we believe that we can all be change agents for good in our communities.
NDE conferenceWe believe that being a positive agent of transformation in this way is an essential part of effective leadership.
Thus we strive to facilitate people from all walks of life, to be the best they can be, and to become the best leaders they can be.

In rural Uganda, many of these such community leaders are church leaders who against many odds are looking for practical solutions to the challenges facing their families, congregations and local communities.

Many are doing their best with minimal education, information, resources or support.

To this end, NDE Network has set up the DESTINY BRIDGE LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Connecting over 2500 church and community leaders across mostly rural Uganda, NDE Network provides free educational conferences, biblical teaching, social development resources, and ongoing support to help facilitate these leaders in their local communities.


“Impact – Transform – Minifest”

The aims of the Bridge Leadership Network are as follows:

To host annual teaching and resourcing conferences and
To connect Leaders across regions.
To encourage the cross-pollination of experiences in leadership and ministry, sharing of resources and ideas.
To facilitate accountability among its members
To facilitate development forums and the generation of new ideas and enterprises.
To train Business People, Pastors, Christian and Community leaders in Biblical truth and Leadership skills.