The Home of:

Kampala Children Centre, Destiny Africa Children’s Choir, Destiny Bridge Academy – Primary School, Stride Academy – Secondary School & STEM Centre, Destiny United Football (Soccer) Club, Destiny United – SACCO/Credit Union

We have seen that where the presence of God is, social transformation follows. Where people are loved, and trained and invested in, they flourish.

At NDE-Network we believe that God’s plan for each person is for an abundant life, and that the practical outworking of our faith calls us to address issues of poverty, access to good nutrition, education, healthcare, safe housing, skills training sustainable energy, and employment.

Destiny Hill

Over the last 11 years we have been working this out on Destiny Hill, Destiny Avenue, Wakiso – Uganda. Situated just outside Uganda’s capital, Kampala, Destiny Hill comprises over 40 acres of land and is the home of the Kampala Children’s Centre, Destiny Africa Children’s Choir, Destiny Bridge Academy Kindergarten and primary school, Stride Academy Secondary School & IT Centre, Destiny United Football Club and The Centre for Wellness which is our community hospital. Destiny Bridge Church and Leadership Centre is situated in the middle of Wakiso town.

The Kampala Children’s Centre

Children writing at Kampala Children's Centre

Children writing at Kampala Children’s Centre

The Kampala Children’s Centre is a children’s village for more than 200 of the most vulnerable of Uganda’s children – orphans and victims of war and poverty. The first of the children moved into Kampala Children’s Centre in September 2005, and it has been described by as the benchmark for child care in Uganda. Children move in at various ages, with our youngest arriving when they were only days or hours old. Lives are being healed and restored by the love and security that we are privileged to give them. This new loving family environment is essential to the care and development of each child that we rescue. We are committed to providing each child with a loving home, education and training, a variety of recreational activities and access to necessary healthcare. Our heart is that each child will know their true value and reach their full potential.

Through our Communities of Hope (COH) programme we also support hundreds of children  and young adults in the local surrounding communities: children whose families are unable to provide them with the healthcare, education and nutritious meals that they need.

Destiny Bridge Academy, Kindergarten and Primary School

Pupils & Teachers of Destiny Bridge Academy

Pupils & Teachers of Destiny Bridge Academy

We have established Destiny Bridge Academy, our on-site but independently run school, which is providing excellent education not only for our children, but also those from the surrounding villages. Our excellent performing arts and sports programmes are promoting healthy lifestyles, attitudes and creativity amongst the children. We also have our own farm which enables us to become more self-sustaining, as well as enabling the children to grow in key life skills such as agriculture and enterprise.

Destiny Bridge Academy (DBA) now educates over 700 children, including KCC, COH and children from local villages. In January 2015, the results for the Secondary School Entry National Exams (Primary leaving Exams – PLE) were released, and the Destiny Bridge Academy student’s performance was exemplary.  96% got A grades. Due to this outstanding performance, DBA now ranks 91 out of 6,700 registered primary schools in Uganda. In Wakiso district (greater Kampala) DBA is ranked 11th! This is an incredible achievement considering the relatively minimal resources that we have when compared to other schools in the top one hundred. Four KCC residents graduated last year and have left the Centre. Five others have joined university in 2016. Six other students have joined tertiary educational institutions and are now pursuing vocational courses.

Stride Academy, Secondary School

IT Centre at Destiny Hill

IT Centre

Pupils at Stride Academy

Students at Stride Academy

Our secondary school, Stride Academy, opened in 2013, with the objective of providing for children with both normal and special academic needs.

Our goal is to teach, train and raise confident and competent individuals who will impact their world.

Destiny Centre for Wellness

Destiny Hill has in the final stages of completing our first primary healthcare building which will server Destiny Hill and the surrounding areas. In addition we organize periodical immunization and health education programs. During the last year it managed 1394 cases.

We look forward to the completion of the new medical Centre in 2017 (currently under construction); to increase our capacity for providing for the health needs of Destiny Hill and local community. The new Medical Centre will include specialist Paediatric Doctors and nurses, a dental team, laboratories and general practitioners.

Destiny Africa

A Destiny Africa performance

A Destiny Africa performance

Destiny Africa is the Kampala Children’s Centre’s Children’s choir. Since 2008, Destiny Africa have travelled throughout the UK, Belgium and USA performing in schools, churches and theatres. Their performances capture brilliantly the joy, creativity, story and dreams of these young lives. Working with artists in Uganda their shows include, drumming, singing, dance, drama, video, testimony and more with many ideas originating from the children themselves. Internationally acclaimed, Destiny Africa have had the joy of performing for many head’s of state, Including Gordon Brown , David Cameron at No 10 Downing Street, and many  African head of states.

Destiny Africa has become a voice for millions of suffering children in Africa. A message that brings healing, joy and hope to desperate situations. Through their music and art, they have impacted church leaders, politicians, businesses and continue to inspire other children through their story. For tours and bookings visit 


Destiny United Football Club

The Destiny United football team

Destiny United FC

The Destiny United FC gives us an opportunity to reach out to the community and to participate in community programs. It give young men an opportunity to participate in wholesome programs and use sports to bring about community transformation. The club plays in the first division of Uganda. Check us out on Facebook Destiny United FC.