On site at K.C.C we have recently received teams of volunteers and began construction for a kids play scape, a project we have envisioned for some 10 years! Set to provide a fun and safe place for our under 12’s to play, our volunteers have given a helping hand to bring this project to life. Thank you Team Euan and Tash Darling for all your support!   Meet the fresh new faces of Destiny Africa! Excited and enthusiastic, our children have began preparations for the 2018 ‘I Am Loved’ Destiny Africa Children’s Choir tour. The 2018 tour has been set… [Continue reading…]

At the beginning of last year I decided to do a self-evaluation of my leadership skills with the intention of highlighting areas of weakness and working to improve them. As much as I want to be increasingly aware of my strengths and celebrate and build on them I also want to be continually growing and developing as a leader and to be proactive in the process of my own discipleship and deal with areas that are not so strong. Every leader needs to be responsible for his or her own self-development. Of course, this is made even more effective when… [Continue reading…]